About Us

blog2-e1435226328736My name is Thai Nguyen and I have been an entrepreneur for over 7 years. During the course of my career I have owned and operated several business, some of which failed and others have been a lot more successful. I know how challenging and complicated starting and running a business can be.

Without the right knowledge and resources, many new business owners steer in the wrong direction, make uninformed decisions and ultimately fail. That is why I decided to create Oilport, a website designed to guide new business owners and entrepreneurs to a path of opportunity and success.

In this website I have included useful guides, tips, and other resources that can educate you on proven business ventures that work and what it takes to run a successful business.

My goal for the site is to prove that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sound business idea can succeed by implementing the right strategies and being knowledgeable of how businesses work.

1Business_Team_3With the information in this site, I hope to clear any confusion about what being an entrepreneur is really like and why choosing this career path is one of the best ways to earn a living.

I love being my own boss and having the freedom to choose how, what, when, and where my business operates, and I want to help as many other people as I can who also embrace entrepreneurship.Oilport was created for that purpose, to give powerful advice to anyone who has a business idea or is looking to start a new business venture or just needs some help turning their existing business into a success.