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Welcome to Oilport, the place where you can find valuable resources on starting a new business. Use Oilport to learn how to start a business, ways to raise capital, up-to-date marketing practices, leadership skills, and much more. Our site includes numerous resources that are designed to help guide new and aspiring entrepreneurs avoid failure and achieve high rates of success. Here at Oilport, we believe that although entrepreneurship and owning a business may involve a tough and challenging road, with the right knowledge, resources, and passion, anyone can succeed. We want to help clear the path and help make business owning easier to understand and easier achieve success. By using our site you will not only gain insights on starting a small business, but you can learn how to start specific businesses that can guide you towards proven money-making opportunities and start ups. Be sure to check out our blog frequently as we strive to keep the site updated with new and useful resources.

These funds belong to you can do not need to be repaid and can be used without conditions and restrictions.


Use debt financing to borrow money that must be repaid. Sources can include loans from financial companies, banks, credit card companies, and friends or family.


In equity financing you sell a share of ownership in your company in exchange for investment money. These funds do not have to be repaid, as investors get to share the success of your business.


An essential part to any successful business is a business plan. This is a completed document that describes how a business will operate and grow revenues.


  • Are you fit to be an entrepreneur?

    An entrepreneur is someone who sees a potentially profitable opportunity and devises a plan to take the necessary risks to start and operate a business. These people have drive, are creative, and have a strong desire to succeed. They have major goals for their business such as expansion and growth. Some famous examples of hugely successful entrepreneurs include Thomas Edison (General Electric), Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company), Sam Walton (Walmart), John Deere (Deere and Company), and Steve Jobs (Apple).

    These entrepreneurs had visions for the future that led to revolutionizing farming, retailing, manufacturing, and technology. Common qualities that these people share, along with other like-minded entrepreneurs are that they all have passion and a strong desire to work hard and see their business succeed. If you are passionate, have a high work ethic, and want to start and grow a business, then you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • More opportunities for entrepreneurs

    Broad socioeconomic trends such as globalization, information technology, and education are supporting and expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs. Here’s how these trends factor in.

    Education: There have been tremendous growth in educational opportunities. You can major in business to become an entrepreneur or you can take one or two entrepreneurship classes, which increases the likelihood that you will either start a business or help someone else start one. But of course you don’t have to be a graduate to start a successful business, for example Facebook, FedEx, and Google were started by college students.

    Information technology: A big boost for entrepreneurs is the huge growth in information technology (IT). As communications and computer technologies merge together, and as they dramatically drop in costs, entrepreneurs are able to access tools that let them compete with large companies. It can help by making work more efficient and quicker, being able to provide customer service immediately and attentively, increasing sales, and projecting professional images.

  • Reasons people choose entrepreneurship

    There are many reasons why people choose to be entrepreneurs. Some want a flexible schedule or freedom to make decisions. Some see a gap in the supply and demand chain and create businesses to fill that gap. Others have financial needs that are met with starting a new business. Regardless of why they have chosen entrepreneurship, there are some common characteristics that all entrepreneurs share.

    They pursue their visions: Entrepreneurs usually start out with an overall idea about how a business idea can be successful. They relentlessly pursue that vision with a passion.

    They are their own boss: Entrepreneurs are free to make all decisions.

    They achieve financial success: Entrepreneurs create wealth and they don’t believe that they can achieve their greatest success by working for someone else. These people have businesses that revolve around a goal of becoming rich or at least profitable.